♥ 5 content PSDs ♥ 19 colourschemes ♥ 1 coded layout


♥ 5 colouring PSDS ♥ 6 trippy patterns ♥ update goes here.


♥ 2 stylesheets ♥ 1 coded layout ♥ 11 colouring PSDS




♥ update goes here. ♥ update goes here. ♥ update goes here.

New ventures!

Hi everyone! how are you all doing? just stopping by quickly to let you know I have opened a new hosting site at astriidw0rld.uk! i have been working on some things for a mass update before the arrival of my wee boy! he's due on april 4th so theres really not long left now! I plan to take a break after my son is born for about 2-3 weeks to get into the swing of having 2 young kids to look after!
I hope you all understand <3! take care xoxo

Webstore now open! Updates too!

- 1 new stylesheet added
hi all! its just to let everyone know that my webstore is now open! link to paypal and facebook are provided


Here are a few of my latest updates on 07/03/2021
- 15 new colourschemes
- 2 colourscheme templates
- 1 planet brush set
- 1 premade trippy pattern
- 1 seaside brush set

New Layout!

I know my last layout didnt last too long but here we are! again a massive thank you to Kayla @ Loveblush who made this stylesheet its gorgeeee. really couldnt help myself but to change layouts as i made a collage the other day it made me miss them sooooo much! check out new content I have uploaded!
new things coming every day <3

Welcome to a s t r i i d . c o

Welcome to astriid.co! After 6 long years I have decided to return to siteworld! I have changed a lot in the last 6 years but my love for the SW has never gone away! I am now 23 years old and I have a little boy who is turning a massive 2 in May! and another wee boy who is due to arrive on April 4th this year! I am so excited to rejoin this community and I hope you are all willing ot have me!
please take care during this pandemic, ill update you all again soon <3